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Word Problems Worksheet
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Word Problems Worksheet

Maths | 5-9 yrs | Learning Pod

Word Problems Worksheet – Sharpen your skills in math word problems with this math worksheet for kids which can also be downloaded for free.

Word Problems Worksheet:

Solve each problem. Show your work and check your answer:

1. A bus travelled 70 miles in two hours. How many miles did the bus travel each hour? __________
2. A school has 120 students. How many students are needed in each row to make 12 rows with equal students in each row? __________
3. There are 7 chocolates in each jars and there are 5 jars. How many chocolates are there in total? __________

Use the red download button at the top to download this worksheet to your computer.

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  1. i really love your website its so cool i had a project on tornadoes you helped me with it thank you alot you helped me with math scince and english thank you. you have everything even if its a indain website i love india it helps alot thank you for everything and bye