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Yeti a Mysterious Creature

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Interactive

What is Yeti?

We hear stories about monsters and devils that roam across the jungles and scare or abduct humans. Have you ever thought where have these stories come from? Is it a figment of one’s imagination or do monsters and devils exist? One such monster that is believed to have walked on this earth is the Yeti. Found in the mountains of Asia, Yeti is a monstrous, repulsive, bipedal snowman. A mysterious creature, claimed by some humans, to have been seen roaming around the mountains and create havoc. People believe that Yeti lives below the Himalayan Snowline and some claim to have seen huge footprints of Yeti on the snow. But the existence of Yeti is still not proven.

What kind of a Monster is Yeti?

Yeti is usually seen in Tibet, as the people claim. The name ‘Yeti’ means a magical creature. It is a scary creature, a monster which is approximately 10 feet tall and walks on two legs, just like a human. It has the face of a gorilla. Its whole body is covered with fur, dark brown or dark grey in colour, and it weighs around 200 kilograms. It is believed to be nocturnal in nature, meaning it roams during the night. It whistles and growls and tosses huge stones from one end to the other when searching for food. Another name for Yeti is ‘Big Foot’ or ‘Abominable Snowman’. It usually kills animals but is not harmful towards humans. Yeti was a creature who could run very fast, both on four feet as well as two.

Thousands of years ago there was a belief that monsters roam around the earth. Tibetans are said to have worshipped a Yeti-like monster for years. Yeti has also been written about in ancient Roman history as well as in Indian teachings.

It was a German Photographer in 1925 was the first to report on seeing a Yeti. Many people from Nepal also claim to have seen a Yeti. The first people to climb the Mt. Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, in 1953, also claim to have seen huge footprints on the snow. When they came back, especially in search of Yeti, they could not find anything; thus dismissing the Yeti sightings as only a legend. But most of the Yeti sightings have been in Tibet where Tibetans claim to have seen an Orangutan like creature walk the snowy mountains.

In 1938, Captain d’ Auvergue who was travelling the Himalayas claimed to have been trapped in the snow and snow blinded. He said that he was rescued by a Yeti, 9 foot tall, who nursed him back to health. One more sighting was that with a Sherpa girl who was tending to her Yaks. She claims that a Yeti had captured her and dragged her, but when she started screaming, it let her go and feasted on two of her yaks. When police came to that site, they found huge footprints on the snow.

The Yeti is also believed to have evolved from the ancient species of mankind. Some ancient species that did not evolve properly may have transformed into Yeti like creatures. Species believed to have been extinct but have been later rediscovered. Yeti could be one of them.

5 Interesting Facts about Yeti

  1. The search for Yeti can be traced back to the times of Alexander the Great who, around 320 B.C led an expedition in search of Yeti but couldn’t find one.
  2. Bhutan’s Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary is officially dedicated to preserving the Yeti.
  3. Nepal has made big business in the name of Yeti. They have a luxury hotel Yeti and even the Yeti airlines.
  4. It is a Sherpa traditional belief that Yeti will show itself to only those people who believe in it.
  5. The US claims to have sighted a big foot giant as well.

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