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History of Ancient Greece

Sir Dig-a-lot | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Ancient Greek Civilization – Politics, Military Power, Discipline

Rohan had a test on Ancient Greece coming up and he needed help. Sir Dig-a-lot began,“This was an ancient civilization which started from the 8th century BC to the end of 600 AD. We are talking about 4,000 years ago. It spread over Europe and as far as France.”

Even though it was long ago, the ancient Greeks developed politics, military power and discipline. They were split into states and ruled accordingly. The two most important states were Athens and Sparta.

Ancient Greece still inspires and influences us in different walks of life like literature, architecture, politics, science, maths and even sports.

Most of the important English words that we use commonly today like theatre, marathon, Olympics are Greek. They helped is develop alphabets too.
Rohan said, “Their contributions are in many fields. That is why we have a whole chapter on them, I guess.”

Sir Dig-A-Lot concurred, “Yes, Rohan. The country is small and located on the edge of West Asia or at the edge of Europe. Being on the outskirts gave Greeks more freedom to experiment with the new ideas and come up with innovations.”

“Apart from the interesting contributions there is another unique fact about ancient Greece. It is the first period to be attested directly in the correct historiography. Earlier civilizations have been studied only through archaeological evidence.”

Rohan said, “That was so much fun! Thank you!”

Sir Dig-A-Lot said, “You are welcome,” and tucked Rohan in bed.

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