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The History of the Trojan Horse

Sir Dig-a-lot | 7-13 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

The Trojan Horse Story

“Which lesson in Greek history will you be telling me today?” Rohan asked his friend. Over the past few days Sir Dig-a-Lot had talked about Greek history with Rohan as Rohan about to go on a family trip to Greece and Rome.

“A very important and interesting one. About the Trojan horse. To tell you about the horse I will tell you about one of the greatest wars fought in the Greek history which involved great warriors of that time. About 3000 years ago there was a country named Troy.

On one of the visits by the princes of Troy to Greece, Prince Paris fell in love with queen of Greece, Helen. Without the knowledge of the Greeks, Helen came with Prince Paris to Troy. When the Greeks found out, they attacked Troy to take their queen back.

It was a war fought more for honor, by both the countries. After a ten years long battle and the loss of many lives, Trojans discovered that the Greeks had fled the banks of Troy. Trojans assumed that the Greeks had accepted defeat and had gone back to their country.

They discovered a huge wooden horse on the banks of the river made of wood and ropes. The sight of the large wooden horse confused them but they thought it was a symbol of their win over the Greeks. It is said that some Trojans suggested burning the horse but the king wanted to show this off as a token of the Greeks defeat by the Trojan warriors and brought the huge horse inside the gates of the kingdom.”

“After celebrating their win the Trojans slept peacefully. However when Troy was sleeping, about 30 soldiers from the belly of the horse and two from its mouth came out. They were the best warriors of the Greeks, led by Ulysses. They signalled the rest of the Greeks, who were hiding in their ships at a distance and opened the gates. Since the Trojans were caught off guard, they were easily defeated and the Greeks captured Troy with the help of the Trojan horse.”

Rohan exclaimed, “Wow! That was a great story.”

Sir Dig-a-Lot continued, “Yes, Rohan. This is the reason why the phrase Trojan horse is used as an expression in today’s times for something that disrupts a perfectly safe environment upon being invited in. Do you know it’s also a computer virus?”

Rohan said, “I didn’t know that. This was certainly an interesting story. Now I am all set for the trip!”

Sir Dig A Lot smiled and said, “You must sleep now. Have a nice time, Rohan. I will miss you.”

Rohan said, “I will miss you too but I will get you something from Greece.”

Sir Dig-a-Lot laughed and tucked Rohan in his bed.

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