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Antarctica – Facts and Figures

Geography | 9-14 yrs | Animation, Video

10 Cool Facts about Antarctica

  1. Over 98% of Antarctica is covered by the unbroken polar ice sheet.
  2. If the ice sheet melted, the oceans would rise by around 65 meters.
  3. The size of the Antarctic ice sheet doubles every winter.
  4. The elevation at the south pole is 9300 feet although the bedrock is only a 100 feet above above sea level.
  5. It is the driest and coldest place on earth.
  6. The lowest recorded temperature in history is -128 degrees F.
  7. Antarctica is the 5th largest continent with a population of 0.
  8. Antarctica is the only continent with no countries.
  9. Samples of ice extracted from the ice sheet give scientists valuable information about the earth’s climate from millions of years ago.
  10. Antarctica is the only continent with no indigenous species of animals.

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