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Badab-e Surt

Selfie With Sam | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Animation

Never have I ever seen natural springs in such colors! I’m at Badab-e Surt in Iran, and these springs are a treat to behold! The sight of the different colored minerals melting into one another is rivalled only by the color the water takes on by reflecting the sky!

Where is the Badab-e Surt located?

Badab–e Surt, located in the Mazandaran province in Iran is a range of terraced travertine formations, formed over thousands of years by the deposits of water and minerals from two distinct natural springs as they cooled down. “Badab” actually refers to the carbonated water found in natural springs, while Surt means intensity. It also happens to be an old name for the Orost village.

Facts about Badab-e Surt Hot Springs

The two hot springs that formed the Badab–e Surt have different compositions of water, with one being very salty and the other being sour. The salty pool of water is said to have medicinal properties, especially helpful in curing rheumatism and certain types of skin ailments. The sour pool of water is distinctly orange in color due to the high concentration of iron oxide sediments at its outlet.

Badab–e Surt is one of those tourist places that should only be visited with a guide, and not simply because it is difficult to find. The place is delicately beautiful. My guide tells me that every inch of the formation has taken nearly 200 years to form, and can be ruined by hordes of rampaging tourists. The entire landscape is marvelous to look at, with warm hued pools of water reflecting the skies, beautifully set off by the surrounding scenery that ranges from rock quarries to pine forests and shrubbery.

A definite must-see, and a place that needs to be preserved for generations to come!