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Fox Glacier Skydiving

Selfie With Sam | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Animation

Skydive from the Fox Glacier

I am tandem skydiving from the Fox Glacier in New Zealand! Or “Te Moeka o Tuawe” as it is known by the locals. I have jumped from the height of a whopping 12,000 feet which will result in a 65 second free-fall along a 13 km Glacier!

They say that in terms of scenery the Fox Glacier sky jump has it all and now I can see why! My dive-guide told me I will be able to see the rainforest, lakes, mountains and the wild Tasman Sea, not to mention the awe-inspiring Fox and Franz Joseph Glaciers. And he wasn’t lying! The view is simply breath-taking! But you guys know I’m scared of heights right? The Fox Glacier is so beautiful that I do try and take a peek every two seconds. But I think I’m better suited to exploring with both feet firmly on the ground! I don’t think I’m going skydiving again! Wuuf!