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Benefits of Fibre Bags

Environment | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod, Learning Pod

Biodegradable and Sustainable Fibres

“Do you know what happens to plastic bags and bottles when we throw them away?” asked Mrs.Nair, the environmental science teacher.

Eeshan raised his hand. “They do not biodegrade.”

Mrs Nair said, “Excellent, Eeshan. This means that, unlike normal waste products such as paper, normal plastic does not break down easily. It only breaks into smaller pieces of plastic when exposed to sunlight. This process is known as photodegradation. So, what is the solution?”

“We should try to use less plastic!” the children replied in unison.

“Right,” Mrs Nair said. “We must try and substitute plastic with natural, biodegradable and re-usable products such as cloth or fibre bags,” said Mrs Nair over the sound of the lunch bell.

Eeshan continued sitting, deep in thought. He was thinking of a conversation he had overheard between his parents a few days ago. His mother worked in the coir and jute industry and was telling his father how there was not enough demand for their products.

If things didn’t pick up soon, several people could lose their jobs. He explained this to Nitin and Martin. “There’s a link between that and today’s class,” he told them. A few minutes later, Eeshan grinned. “Let’s go find Mrs. Nair.”

When they found her, Eeshan said, “Ma’am, if we get all the shops to carry coir and jute bags, most people would like to buy those and bring them the next time they shop.”

“Eeshan, that’s brilliant!” Mrs Nair gushed.

Over the next two weeks, all the kids from Eeshan’s class and several teachers canvassed departmental stores, supermarkets and small shops all around Alleppey district and proposed the idea to them. Nearly everyone responded positively.

Meanwhile, Mrs Nair made an appointment with the director of the co-operative society where Eeshan’s mother worked. Eeshan went with her. “So you see sir,” he told the director, “this could really help your company.”

“This is incredible,” the director said. “You’ve saved hundreds of people’s livelihoods, my son!”

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