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Noise Pollution Causes and Effects

Environment | 9-12 yrs | Reading Pod

What is noise pollution?

Noise is defined as unwanted sound. Noise Pollution is an excess of annoying degree of sound coming from a particular area. Examples – Traffic or Aeroplane engines.

How is it measured?

A decibel is used for the measurement of noise. 1 db is the faintest sound that a person can hear. Sounds that are 85 db or above can cause permanent damage to your ears.

What are the types of noise pollution?

Noise pollution broadly falls under two categories – Natural and Man–made.

What comes under natural noise?

Noise or sound from the wind, rain, storms, trees, birds, animals are all natural sounds.

What are man-made sounds?

Noise or sounds from engines, construction, traffic, blaring speakers are all man-made sounds.

Am I adding to noise pollution?

  • Do you listen to your television so loudly that your neighbours can hear?
  • Do you play your music system at home or in the car for people outside to hear?
  • At festivals like Diwali are you the one who lights the noisy bombs and fiery crackers at night?
  • Be aware of the level at which you speak at home. Try a fun game of sign language, then whispers then normal conversation and then shouting to see the different effects of noise on people around you.
  • Observe sound around you when you are out with your parents. While driving by a hospital see if people take care and not honk and blow the horn or do they ignore that and honk away? Is that appropriate?

How to stop adding to noise pollution?

  • Set the volume of your television to the point where it is only audible to you and not to your neighbours.
  • The music system in your car should not be loud for the people outside to hear.
  • Avoid lighting noisy bombs and firecrackers during Diwali.
  • Be aware of the level of volume at which you speak at home.
  • While out with parents, make sure they avoid honking or blowing the horn of the vehicle when not needed.

What do you think?

  • You could do your bit and make sure your mom or dad do not honk while going by a hospital.
  • Not only is noise distracting but it can create stress and health issues. Find out more about this for yourself and make an activity or project around it.

Conduct a noise quiz.

Ask adults you know how sound impacts them. Does it disturb them? What happens to their concentration levels when it is noisy?

Pick a comfortable volume at which you can listen to music and watch the television without disturbing others.

Email us and let us know what you observed. Come up with a cool idea or activity around noise pollution and tell us what you did. It could possibly make YOU the Mocomi Kid of the month and get you featured on our website.

More information –

Click here to know 11 ways to reduce noise pollution.

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