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How to Make a Colourful Chakra

Craft Ideas | 7-14 yrs | Interactive

Colourful Chakra Craft

What You Need

  • Chakra made from Post-it notes
  • Chakra made from coloured paper

14 Steps to Make a Colourful Chakra

1. Fold a paper the way it is shown in the picture, in case your paper is a rectangle.
2. Cut the paper along the line you have folded, to make it a square.
3. Fold the paper horizontally, then open it and fold it lengthwise. This way, your paper will have creases like the ones in photo.
4. Take the right hand corner of the paper and fold it so that it is aligned with the crease.Similarly, fold the other corners.
5. Take a bottom edge and fold it on the middle line too. then, make a crease on the outside.
6. Do the same for the other bottom edge.
7. Turn it over. Fold the top down until you can see the edges in line with the crease that you will make. The tip of the paper should be in line with the vertical crease in the middle. Make a crease along the top.
8. Take both sides of the paper and fold them down away from yourself. Make a crease.
9. Make 16 such pieces from different coloured papers. If you want your chakra to have alternating colours, make 8 in one colour, and 8 in another.
10. Each piece has 2 pockets adnd 2 tips.
11. Take the tip of one piece and slide them in the pockets of another one.
12. Like you fitted the first two pieces together, fit the rest.
13. Your chakra should start looking like this.
14. Carefully fit the final piece to the first one, otherwise your chakra might break.

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