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Interview with Darsheel Safary

Interview | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Darsheel Safary

Darsheel Safary first shot to fame when he acted as the lovable dyslexic child Ishaan in Taare Zameen Par (2007), when he was 10. We got the chance to interview him, so read on!

Q1. What did you say in your audition for the role of Ishaan?

I remember auditioning for the scene in which the teacher wants me to read the adjectives ‘loud and proper.’ I just had to give the expressions and react according to myself.

Q2. What was it like to work with Aamir Khan?

We used to play Uno cards and cricket together. He also taught me a little bit of grammar on the sets.

Q3. How was going back to school?

I remember when I actually had to hide in school so that I wouldn’t get noticed.

Q4. How supportive have your parents been of your career? Are they strict?

Parents are of course strict in terms of studies and discipline which I think all parents are, but we have to understand that it is for our own good. We decide all our projects jointly.

Q5. How did you prepare for your role of Pinu in Bumm Bumm Bole?

Pinu is a caring, responsible elder brother to a very cute younger sister.
In reality I also have a younger sister , so I spent a little more time with her in order to understand the bond a little deeper.

Q6. What did you enjoy about working in Zokkomon?

There was a lot of stunt work and I had to be hanging in the air at crazy heights and do all sorts of flying. It was a unique experience and working with Disney was always a dream.

Q7. Do you plan to act as a career?

Yes I will love to continue acting as my career as it is something I love doing. Of course I’ll have to finish my graduation and I will achieve a decent enough degree too.

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