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Science or Myth

Physics | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Learning Pod

Is Metal a better Conductor of Electricity?

“Looks like it’s about to rain,” said Martin. Martin, Eeshan and Nikhil had come to Martin’s farm house for the weekend.

“We are a long way from a shelter. All I see are cars parked at a distance,” said Nikhil.

As the children closed in on the parking area they witnessed lightening strikes at a distance. Eeshan got alarmed and told his friends to run towards the nearest car. Seeing Martin run towards his car Eeshan screamed, “Not the convertible! Any hard top car.”

The doors of the cars parked inside the estate generally remained unlocked so they could be moved easily, when necessary. Lightning struck and the children were saved because they were inside the car. No one spoke out of shock till the rain stopped pelting.

Nikhil said, “That was really close!”

Martin said, “Why did you stop me from getting into the convertible?”

Eeshan said, “When lightning strikes an automobile, it’s actually the car’s metal exterior frame that protects the passengers, acting as a conductor and passing the electrical current right along to the ground. This is the reason that a convertible can’t protect you like a hardtop vehicle.”

“You saved the day again, Einstein! I know that lightening can strike the same place again, so we should get back to a proper shelter,” said Nikhil.

“Yes. Let me call Sabastian uncle to make us some hot chocolate,” said Martin.

Everyone smiled and made a move towards the estate house to recover.

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