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Discovery of Ink

Casa & Asa | 12-14 yrs | Video, Animation

Human beings as they evolved from prehistoric ancestors, developed many forms of communication. One of the most important tools discovered by humans, has been written communication.

He first wrote on cave walls and then stone and developed a pictorial vocabulary. As time progressed, shapes and sounds were incorporated in the written form. The earliest surviving texts from Mesopotamia dating back from 2100 BC, were written with reeds or stylus on clay tablets. These show that by then, man had developed an evolved form of writing and communication.

History of ink

It was the Chinese who are credited with first discovering ink 5000 years ago. It is still being used in that form. The liquid India Ink we use today was also discovered by the Chinese. The ink was thus named because the carbon black that was used to make the ink was sourced from India. It was the Cao Wei Dynasty (220 AD – 265 AD), who established the manufacture of India Ink.

Ink and how it is used has evolved over the years, changing colours and composition to adapt it to different needs.