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Discovery and Control of fire by early humans
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Discovery and Control of fire by early humans

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Discovery of fire by early man

Contrary to popular belief fire was not invented but discovered and tamed by man. When lightning struck a forest and created fire, it probably intrigued and amazed the early man. Many scientists believe that the controlled use of fire was most likely first achieved by our ancient human ancestor known as Homo erectus, and not Homo sapiens or Neanderthal as commonly believed. Homo erectus became the first hominin to master flames by accident, possibly in order to cook their food.

How did the control of fire lead to human evolution?

The control and manipulation of fire was a turning point for human evolution. It gave birth to cooked food. Cooking allowed the early man to consume more calories and, as a result, to develop larger brains.

Control of fire also helped one to ward off predators and venture into harsh climates. It also had important social and behavioral implications, like encouraging groups of people to gather together and stay up late.