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Best Inventions by Kids

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Inventions have always been a helping hand in every generation. But did you know that some of the most inspiring and creative inventions being used in our daily lives were brought to be by some young minds who thought different and searched for fun ways of doing things.

Kid Inventors

Some of these inventions were not just for fun but solutions to complicated things that children faced and saw adults also having trouble with. Thanks to these kids we now poses amazing inventions that have become a part of our livelihood. Wooohooo!

Top 5 Inventions by Kids

1. Braille

In 1812, 3 year old Louis Braille was injured and lost his vision. Going through his teens and studying at the The National Institute of Blind Youth in Paris he came up with the idea of raised dots in unique patterns for others like him. From this the Braille system was developed and in 1829 the first book was released. Later on sometime in 1837 Louis added symbols for maths and music. Now braille is available in every language to aid the visually disabled all around the world.

2. Popsicle

In 1905, Frank Epperson at the age of 11 made the delicious Popsicle accidentally. This is what happened on a faithful night. Frank had left a cup of powdered soda, a stirring stick and water outside. When he woke up in the morning he found a treat which he did not expect. Amazed with his icy treat he named it ‘Epsicle’ and in 1923 obtained a patent for it and sold the rights to a large New York company. Presently Popsicle is available in an outstanding 30 mouth watering flavors and millions are devoured by people every year.

3. Earmuffs

At the age of 15, Chester Greenwood was skating one day when his ears hurt due to the extreme cold breeze and low temperatures. He tried to use his scarf to cover his head and ear and warm up his ears but this didn’t seem to work. So when he got home he devised the wonderful earmuffs which comprised of a wire frame and pads sewed on both sides made of beaver skin.

In 1877 he patented his invention and went onto manufacturing these ear protectors to soldiers during the first World War.

4. Trampoline

George Nissen in 1930, at the age of 16 was amazed by trapeze artist. But he wondered if instead of falling down on the net below they would keep bouncing around. This thought made him turn his parents garage into a workshop. His beautiful bouncing creation then called the ‘bouncing rig’ was made of a metal frame with a canvas stretched over it.

While Studying at a University at Iowa he perfected his contraption and name it ‘Trampoline’ after The Spanish word for ‘Diving Board’. He later went around the world demonstrating it.

5. ManCan

This young inventors business started our as a joke. The 13 year old Hart Main, in 2010 made fun of his sister selling girlie scented candles for a fundraiser and suggested that she should try some manly scented one. Hearing this his parents encouraged him to try this idea for himself and with just an investment of a $100 he bought wax and scents online. He made his ManCan candles from aromas like New Mitt, Bacon, Fresh Cut Grass and Coffee and placed them in recycled soup cans.
After 2 years of successful sales Main rented a warehouse and employed 5 part timers to cover his orders.

Other Kid Inventions

Sarah Buckel (Age 14)

Magnetic Locker Wallpaper for holding wallpapers onto your school or college lockers

Kelly Reinhart (Age 6)

T-Pak was a bag holding kids videos games to their thighs.

Cassidy Goldstein (Age 12)

Crayon Holders for holding crayons which would break or become too small to use.

K-K Gregory (Age 10)

Wristies were warmers which would stretch from your hands to elbow keeping them warm during the winter seasons when it snowed.

Abbey Fleck (Age 8)

Makin’ Bacon was an idea for soaking the oil of bacon while cooking them. This was achieved by hanging the bacon as it cooks.

These Kids inventions are some of the most brilliant ideas that came out as things for fun or finding a solution to complications. So let your minds come out of the box and think of new ideas and ways to do things. Imagine your creations and inventions could help or changes the lives for people in need of it. So young minds get cracking on being innovators.

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