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Weird Did You Know Facts!

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Beating the Snow with a Snowman

What do you when the unexpected weather pours gallons of snow in your vicinity? Build a snowman! This is exactly what Greg Novak, a farmer, did in Minnesota, USA, when he wanted to clear the heavy snow away from his greenhouse.

‘Granddaddy’ is the name of the 50 foot high, gigantic snowman which took Greg 5 weeks to build. Granddaddy wore a black hat along with plywood eyes. He had a barrel for a nose, an 80 feet long scarf, and garbage can covers for buttons on his chest.

He also had grain elevators for hands, holding a 35 feet high broom, and a 10 feet wide smile on his face while standing in the freezing cold. The world record for the tallest snowman is 122-foot high.

Snake vs. Crocodile

Who would win a five hour long battle between a hefty python and a ferocious crocodile? At Lake Moondarra in Australia, it was the python that won this battle and had the crocodile for lunch!

The Python coiled itself tightly around the struggling crocodile’s neck and strangled it. It then dragged its dead prey to the land and slowly swallowed it, taking a good fifteen minutes.

This Python must have had extremely strong jaws and an excellent digestive system to swallow a prey many times its own body size! Anyone still hungry?

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