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NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

Selfie With Sam | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Animation

This is the most excited I’ve ever been to visit someplace. I’m at the visitor center of the Kennedy Space Center! That’s right, I’m at NASA!
How do I even begin to talk about this place! It’s a dream come true to be here. There’s so much to do and see that I can barely contain myself! The long list of things to see and do here includes visits to the awesome launch pads, an opportunity to see the actual space shuttle Atlantis, see the Saturn V moon rocket and experience loads of other stuff like simulated space rides, lunch with an astronaut and the amazing NASA game Cosmic Quest. In fact, if you plan your visit right, you may even get to see an actual rocket launch! What more can one ask for?

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

My visit here doesn’t include rocket launch, but that in no way diminished this experience for me. The Kennedy Space Center is huge at 144000 acres and houses around 700 facilities. I’m at the visitor complex, which itself has enough attractions to keep me occupied.

Museums and Space Exhibits

There are museums and space exhibits to explore, with an up-close view of the Atlantis space shuttle, as well as many other interactive exhibit, like the Saturn V exhibit, which is plain awesome! There’s also the Shuttle launch experience which is a definite must for any space –enthusiast, or just anyone who enjoys being amazed really. It offers a simulated experience of how it’s like to be in space! With a launch experience and everything. How cool is that?

You can take the guided bus tour that is included in the daily admission pass. It departs every 15 minutes from the entrance. Or you could set out to explore by yourself. There’s so much to see here that a day is never enough. Even the VIP features here like the Cosmic Quest game, and the Astronaut training experience are worth every dime! What’s more, all of these attractions are funded not by tax-dollars, but by ticket sales, and gifts from private individuals and entities.

Did I mention that I touched a moon rock? I’m seriously considering getting myself a season pass to this place!

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