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The Story of Kuldhara Village

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Mystery behind the haunted village of Kuldhara

Kuldhara is a village in Rajasthan, near Jaisalmer, and it is famous for being abandoned by all its residents in just one night.

The story begins almost 200 years ago. The Kuldhara village people were frightened of only one person- the Diwan (Minister) of Jaisalmer. People say that he was demon-like and extremely huge. Since he was the minister, they had to pay him the taxes levied upon them.

One day when the Diwan came for his village visits to collect tax, his eye fell upon the beautiful daughter of the Mukhia (Chief) of the village.

The evil Diwan fell in love with the girl and announced, “I am going to marry this girl. If anybody stops me, then I will levy more taxes on the entire community. I will come tomorrow to take her away with me.”

The villagers were frightened, especially the Mukhia and his beautiful daughter. They did not want the girl to get married to a monster. They had to act quickly.

The Mukhia decided that the entire community will flee from Kuldhara and the nearby 84 villages. He sent his messengers to inform everyone and that night all the villagers left their land, cursing the evil Diwan and the land.

The next day, the Diwan came to take away the girl but found the village empty. How so many villagers vanished in one night is still a mystery.

The Paranormal Society of India found spooky voices, shadows that moved, and hand prints of children on cars when their team visited Kuldhara. Are you brave enough to visit that place?

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