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ABC’s of Magic : Terms and Phrases

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Do you believe in magic? You may get mixed up between goblins, elves, fairies, imps, pixies and other imaginary creatures that you read about. Here’s a ready reckoner, to help you distinguish between these mythological characters and more, from A-Z.

Glossary of Magic

A Alchemy Turning common metal in gold
B Banshee In English & scottish folklore, a creature who lives in homes and helps with housework
C Clarke’s Law Arthur C. Clarke said that advanced technology is the same as magic
D Dryad In Greek mythology, a tree nymph
E Elves Origin in German myth, best known as Santa’s helpers
F Fairies Look like humans and have magical powers
G Goblins Small greedy creatures who love money
H Houri In Islamic myth, nymphs of paradise
I Imp Origin in German myht, a lesser demon
J Jinn Can travel long distances at high speed
K Kelpie In Irish myth, a supernatural water horse
L Leprechauns Irish shoemakers who hide their coins in a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
M Merlin King Arthur’s wizard
N Nymphs Divine spirits who live in mountains, rivers, and trees
O Occultism The study of magic
P Pixies Irish mythical creature, like dancing outside in large numbers
Q Quaffle The Quidditch ball, it is enchanted so that it falls slowly when dropped in air
R Ravenclaw Rowena Ravenclaw was the founder of this house at Hogwarts
S Selkies In Irish myth, seals in the sea which shed their skin to become humans on land
T Trolls Ugly creatures in Norse mythology who live in rocks, mountains, or caves
U Upside down In the land of Topsy Turvy, in Enid Blyton’s The Faraway Tree, everything is upside down
V Valkyries In Norse myth, women creatures who decide which soldiers live after battle, and which die
W Witches Women suspected of being witches were burnt at the stake, if they floated when drowned in water
X Xmas The spirits of Christmas help Scrooge celebrate the festival in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
Y Yakshini Kuber’s assistant, who look after treasure in the earth
Z Zombie A corpse raised by withcraft, in Haitian folklore

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