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Lemon Battery Experiment

Experiments | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

How to Make a Lemon Battery

What You Need

  • A fresh, large, juicy lemon
  • A galvanized nail, so that its coated in zinc
  • A copper coin

4 Steps to Make a Lemon Battery

  1. Make a cut on one side of the lemon.
  2. Push the coin inside.
  3. Like this, make another cut on the other side of the lemon.
  4. Push the nail inside, but make sure the nail and the coin don’t touch.

Voila! This is a single cell battery. What are the electrodes and the electrolyte?

You can measure the voltage generated by the lemon battery with a voltmeter. However, this battery will produce very little current.

How can you increase the current it generates?

  • You can combine battery cells. Make more lemon batteries and connect them with metal wires. The coin is the positive terminal and the nail is the negative terminal.
  • Make sure you connect each wire from the coin to the nail. Measure the voltage generated again. Has it increased?
  • Although the voltage is more than a single lemon battery, you will need more power to run a device. Make another two lemon batteries and connect them all. Again, measure the voltage generated.
  • Now you can try lighting a Light emitting Diode or an LED. It requires little power. The LED will have a flat spot. Ensure that the wire coming out here connects to the nail or the negative terminal of your battery.

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