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More Science Tricks

Experiments | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Science can make it happen!

The children liked Einstein’s trick so much that they wanted more. So, Einstein agreed to show a couple of more tricks.

Nitin handed a peeled boiled egg to Eeshan. Eeshan set a piece of paper on fire and dropped it in a glass bottle with a small mouth. He fit the egg on the mouth of the bottle and said, “Now watch what happens to the egg!”

When the flame went out the egg slowly skidded inside the bottle and fell to the bottom of the bottle inside. One of the children watching asked, “The egg was bigger than the mouth of the bottle, how did it fall in?”

Eeshan said, “The pressure inside the bottle changes with the changing temperature. When I closed the mouth of the bottle with the egg, the volume of air could not be changed inside the bottle. When I heated the constant volume of air, the pressure increased. The higher pressure inside sucked the egg inside and it fell.”

Eeshan continued, “Can you penetrate this apple with this straw you are drinking your fruit juice from?”
“How can that be possible?” said one of the children.

“Science can make it happen,” said Eeshan.

Eeshan held the plastic straw up in the air, and closed one of its ends with his thumb. Nitin placed the apple on the table carefully on a piece of paper. Without touching the apple Eeshan thrust the straw inside the apple easily and the straw went through the apple.

Eeshan explained, “This trick comes with practice. It is important to hold the straw right and close it at one end with the thumb. When I do that the air gets trapped in the straw and creates a pressure inside the straw. With the force the straw is able to penetrate the apple.”