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Creative Writing | 9-11 yrs | Learning Pod

A limerick is a nonsense poem with a strict rhyme-scheme and generally witty content and humourous intent. A rhyme scheme is a pattern of writing where the last word of a sentence ends with a similar one to the one that proceeds it. The standard limerick is made up of 5 lines with the rhyme scheme aabba. Here’s an example:

  • There was an old man who supposed, A
  • That the street door was partially closed, A
  • But some very large rats, B
  • Ate his coats and hats, B
  • While that futile old gentleman dozed. A

If you see above, the first two lines end with words that rhyme, the second two do the same, and the last line ends in a word that rhymes with the first two lines.

Can you write a limerick?Writing has to do a lot with research. Even the best writers spend a great deal of time on getting to know their subjects. There is a saying in the writing world- Write what you know. But for young writers who are developing their craft, they must get to know what subjects they like to write about in order to realise what they know.

Try this exercise where you pick an object like a shoe. Find out how a shoe becomes a shoe i.e. how leather is made and what type of leather is best for shoes. How does it get to a shoe-maker? You get the picture… find out about processes it takes to make the final object and go backwards on the journey it has taken to get where you see it now. Then, try to write a limerick on a shoe.

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