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10 Amazing Recycled Art

Craft Ideas | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

10 Artists Doing Amazing Things Using Recycled Material

1. Kyle Bean

Specializes in set design, hand-crafted models and art direction. His ‘What Came First’ piece, made entirely from eggshells, is a solid testament to his brilliant creativity.

2. Lin Evola-Smidt

Melting guns to to create statues of angels is what Lin Evola-Smidt decided to do. When gun violence ravaged Los Angeles in the early ninetiesLin Evola-Smidt decided to help stop the problem by convincing residents to give up their guns. Her most famous artwork is a 13 foot tall angel called “The Renaissance Peace Angel.” After the terrorist attacks of September 11, the sculpture was moved to Ground Zero.

3. Wim Delvoye

Belgian artist Wim Delvoye creates art with used tires while his utterly gorgeous creations manage to maintain the structure of the tires while incorporating elements from nature. The artist uses no mechanical devices during the reworking process making the process a long and tedious one.

4. Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Look the their work ad it will look like a huge heap of trash. Wait till the light shines on it and you will witness magic. Tim Noble’s and Sue Webster’s Shadow Sculptures create incredibly detailed images of profiles of the artists, animals and more in the form of shadows. Quirky or what!

5. Erika Iris Simmons

A.k.a Iri5, Erika Iris Simmons specializes in using non traditional media like cassettes to create absolutely unique and memorable works that feature famous people or team like Kurt Cobain, Beatles and Michael Jackson.

6. Benjamin Rollins Caldwell

Founder of BRC Designs, the company transforms discarded electronic materials, computers, motherboards, and hard drive disks into unique furniture.

7. Jane Perkins

She has created the Mona Lisa and other classic works out art by only using buttons, bits and pieces you’d find lying around the house.

8. Derek Gores

Has achieved national attention for his portrait series. His stunning collages are made from discarded magazines, labels, and other recyclable materials.

9. Sara Bergando

This talent creates flexible ribbon of light from scraps of felt, battery charger from old mobile phones, and a circuit of 50 LED low-power. The lightweight and flexible materials allow for various shape customization and configuration.

10. Yuken Teruya

His brilliant upcycling of the toilet paper roll produces whimsical wall installation she cleverly calls “corner forest”.