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When God Came To Earth – Story

Mocostar | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Moco Star

Name: Akshat Goel
Age: 11
Class: VII
School: Bhavan Vidyalaya, Panchkula, Punjab

The Earth is a nice place!

Once, there was a meeting of all the gods in heavens. But God Indra slept till late and made himself absent. The gods got angry. They gave Indra a very difficult task.

The task was to inspect the Earth and its worldly affairs. He started from India. As usual, he was in a common man’s disguise.

He moved towards the rich locality of the town. He disguised himself as a beggar and knocked at a door. When he asked for night’s stay, the rich lady was annoyed, but considering him a yogi, she gave him a little corner in the basement.

At night, when gods were monitoring Indra’s activities, the saw him filling a hole in the wall by magical cement, so that it couldn’t break. They asked him through telepathy that why did he do so. He replied, “ I saw some gold in the wall’s cavity, but in a house where even a yogi is treated badly owners don’t deserve rewards.”

The next day he again started moving towards the slum areas of the town, in the same disguise. He reached at an old couple’s hut and asked for food and water and a place to stay at night. The old couple was obliged to see the yogi and gave him everything they had.

The next day, the old couple’s cow was dead. Once again the gods asked him that why he took the couple’s cow when they treated him so fairly. He replied, “ At night when I was half-awake, God Yama came to take the old lady. I thought that the old man would be helpless without the lady. So I gave the cow instead.” The gods were satisfied with Indra’s answer.

After some days of adventure, he began to check out the environmental conditions. He saw that the wastage of electricity, food and water was a common practice nowadays.

But he saw that campaigns were also being carried out to make people aware. Many children have stopped wastage because they have learnt the value of resources.

He was happy. In the heavens, when he was asked for a report, he only said this much, “The Earth is a nice place and I have set some things right on it.” The Gods were satisfied.

Indra had done his duty. It is now the responsibility of humans to take care of Mother Earth and also let the milk of kindness, love and brotherhood flow in the world.

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