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Road Safety Rules and Signs

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Road Safety Rules and Important Tips

Injuries are always bad news! We all feel the need to keep ourselves safe whether we are at home or on roads. Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Most common reason for injuries is carelessness. Rules are thought to be binding and constraining but they are set for our own safety.

Imagine a scenario where you live in a world with no rules. All you have is chaos all over.

Rules for road safety are to be followed so that the traffic flows in an orderly way.

Some of the traffic rules that must be followed are given below:

Traffic Rules for Kids

  • Always walk on the footpath.
  • Use a zebra crossing or subways to cross the road.
  • Never stick your hand or any other body part out of a moving vehicle.
  • Follow road signs displayed on roads. For Eg: School ahead, speed breaker, U-turn, no parking, no horn, round about and so on.
  • Traffic Lights mention Red means Stop, Orange stands for Get Ready and Green stands for Go.
  • Following the rules of the road, we can avoid unwanted dangers and keep moving forward happily.

5 Important Road Safety Rules for Kids

  1. Do not run on roads.
  2. While driving a bicycle, always use a bicycle track.
  3. Avoid wearing shining and reflective accessories which distract the drivers.
  4. Roads are not playgrounds! Do not play on the roads even if they seem empty.
  5. Walk with adult supervision. If walking without an adult, walk in groups, walk with your headphones off, take the usual roads instead for opting a shortcut.

Many countries celebrate the world safety week. Recently, the third UN global safety week was celebrated from 4 -10 may, 2015 where kids safety was kept in focus.

Get more Information about Fun Facts about Traffic Lights, visit: https://mocomi.com/facts-about-traffic-lights/