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Kalinga War Facts

General Knowledge | 5-12 yrs | Animation, Video

13 Interesting Facts About Kalinga War

  1. The Kalinga war is the most famous war fought between the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka the Great and the State of Kalinga.
  2. Kalinga was a feudal republic state now known as Odisha.
  3. This war was the last battle which Ashoka the Great ever fought.
  4. Bindusara, the father of Ashoka had made some attempts to conquer Kalinga, but had been defeated.
  5. The war began in 261 BC which was the 8th year of the reign of Ashoka.
  6. The king of Kalinga was Raja Anantha Padmanabhan during this time.
  7. After Bindusara’s death, Ashoka took complete charge to annex Kalinga.
  8. By taking ammunitions to protect their land, the brave and loyal people of Kalinga fought fiercely against the armies of The Mauryan Empire.
  9. However, it turned into an infamous bloodshed battle.
  10. Around 100,000 Kalinga civilians and more than 10,000 of Ashoka’s own warriors died during this battle.
  11. The bloodshed in the war was so much that it is said, the Daya river running next to the battle field turned red with the blood of the slain.
  12. Ashoka felt that he was the cause of this destruction which made him devote the rest of his life to Ahimsa (non-violence).
  13. After the Battle of Kalinga, Ashoka ended his military conquest of expansion of his empire, and he ruled his historic empire for more than 40 years with peace, harmony and prosperity. This is how he got the title, Ashoka The Great.

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  1. Is it sure that ashoka fought against padmanabhan ? are there any proof bcoz i need a correct answer i wanna make it sure remaining information is good