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Spiders Attack Cars

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Yellow sac spiders are targeting petrol tanks and fuel lines. They attack air-conditioning systems too. Spiders have been found around fuel tanks in some models of Mazda cars.

Why are Spiders attracted to cars?

Scientists say that this is because of the body structure of spiders. They say that a spider’s body is built of a few layers. One of them contains hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons are very important for insects, because they help the creatures to communicate. What else has hydrocarbons? Petrol. This explains the spiders’ attraction to the fuel.

Why are these Spiders a real problem for car owners?

They can weave their webs right in fuel tanks and these webs may block petrol vapours from escaping. As a result, the petrol tank will begin to suck these vapors inward and may actually crack. That is why these spiders are very dangerous for cars.

How can the Spiders be controlled?

Mazda designed a special spring and software to counter these arachnids, but these methods are not very effective. Five years ago too, spiders attacked Mazda cars. Why they did that is still a mystery.

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