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Strange Festivals of the World

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Video

Top 10 Unusual Festivals around the World

1. Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea

Smear yourself with vitamin enriched mud from the Buryeong Mud Flat in July. Paint yourself with mud at the Mud Square, become a scientist and invent soap and aroma oil at the Experience Booth; shoot down the elongated slide and plop yourself into the trickling mud pool or just gear up and engage in rigorous combat action at the Namgok-dong Foreshore Experience Arena.

2. Battle of Oranges, Ivrea, Italy

Herald the brave lady who chopped off her assailant’s head; and wear your warfare suit and hold those tight oranges (bullets) in your hand. The Orangiere (snob royals) on their carri de getto (horse wagons), will fire oranges at the revolting masses; who will retort back with courage and gallantry.

3. Songkran, Thailand

Eradicate your sins, and drench yourself with pure water, squirting out from the elephant’s trunk in April. Throw those water laden balloons at everyone you see, or try to duck from the gargantuan water outpour from others.

4. El Colacho, Spain

One year old brave babies, all tightly wrapped are laid on the ground; and Colacho men in red and yellow attires, jump over them (no harm) and thus carry away the evil.

5. Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake, England

A 9lb round chunk of double Gloucester cheese rolls down the Cooper Hill, and people scramble, revolve and orbit down to catch the running cheese. What a splendiferous way to celebrate the birthday of a New Year!

6. Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand

10,000 kilograms of luscious food are generously fed to the good luck bringers, or the Crab eating Macaques monkeys in November by resplendent people dressed as monkeys.

7. Night of the Radishes, Mexico

Colossal sized radishes are displayed in Zocalo, Oaxaca City; and fervent artists intricately carve out strange figurines with manifold adjuncts from them, on 23rd December at sunset. Isn’t it a jocund way to encourage farming?

8. Running of the Bulls, Spain, July

What a novel way to gain blessings and guidance from the Lord San Fermin, by engaging in a dangerous race; where you are chased down the streets by raging bulls!

9. Moose Dropping Festival, Alaska

How do you attract tourists? You collect the icky and gross moose (animal) droppings, bake them, glaze them and drop them on your desired targets from a hot air balloon!

10. The Thaipusm Festival, Kerala

Imagine pulling a heavily loaded tractor which is tied to a hook pierced in your body; which has already been intensely pierced with metal pins in every shape and size in almost every part of your body? The lord will now bless you.

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