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Maya Play Review

Movies | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Play review of Maya by Moco correspondent Vehaan Handa

This year, my Children’s Day was celebrated in a very special way. And it was not amusement parks that gathered my attention this time.

It was a play, probably the best one I have ever seen in all my 12 years. And the fact is that this play was performed by children who barely knew English 18 months before. In a year and a half I saw them speaking perfect English.

The reason for this spectacular performance by these children was their education from an organization called Teach For India. After seeing the play, I realized that determination and hard work is the key to perfection.

The story revolves around Princess Maya, the princess of the Kingdom of Light, who sets out on a journey to lift three great curses cast by the evil King Garv, and the Prince of Darkness, Daksh.

Together, Princess Maya, Indigo, her pet peacock, and Ska, the nine headed snake, embark on this journey to rid the kingdom of these curses. On the way, they have to cross the Village of Germs and the Jungle of Flames.

The Village of Germs had fallen under a terrible disease a thousand years back, and only the copper rock from the mountains could heal them.

After a perilous journey across the mountains, and after they cure the village, they head for the Jungle of a Thousand Flames.

Here, Princess Maya has to douse the fire by showing compassion towards the others. And finally, the third and final curse tests Maya’s wisdom when she is asked three important questions.

This play, jam-packed with humor, wit, villainy and happiness made the perfect weekend for me.

I am glad that someone took notice of these children and took them under their wing to train them for this play.

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