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Subodh Gupta Biography

Sculptors | 8-14 yrs | Interactive

Who is Subodh Gupta?

Subodh Gupta is a Delhi-based artist that works with multiple mediums such as sculpture, installation, video and performance art. His signature theme in the recent past has been sculptures made of utensils used in everyday Indian life such as tiffin boxes and milk pales made to form mushroom clouds, a large skull, trees, to name just a few.

How did he become an artist?

Subodh Gupta was born in Khagaul, Patna – A town famous for having produced ancient mathematician and discoverer of the unit 0 (zero)- Aryabhatta. He studied at the College of Art, Patna and after graduating in 1988 he moved to Delhi where he now lives and works. His utensil-sculptures tell of a society on the rise where the mundane objects combine to give form to larger political and economic analysis of the world. This idea echoes through his later works of airport luggage carts and bicycles in stark gold and silver. Subodh is a painter by training and has also produced photo-realistic works of similar objects that he has been inspired by in the past. His painting Saat Samundar Paar was auctioned online for Rs. 3.4 crores.

His Work

Gupta prefers to use primarily metallic objects for his art work, such as utensils, tiffin boxes, bicycles and taxis, amongst others. His art is a commentary on the development of India – both socially and economically. The objects he chooses are essential parts of every Indian household, symbolizing his sense of identity and echoing his feelings of nostaligia.

Project –

Bring out the Subodh Gupta in you by looking around for materials at home which you could use to create something unique. You could also send in photos of your creation to editor@mocomi.com | If we like it; be rest assured of it being featured on our website.

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