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Verb Tense Exercise

Grammar Worksheets | 7-14 yrs | Learning Pod, Reading Pod

Fill in the blanks using the verbs below.

Use them either in the past or present tense. Tense exercise for kids.
(open; be; make; say; close; blow; fall; turn; give; shiver; cover; need; see; do)

  • “I ________ going outside,” said Rahul.
  • “Wait!” ________ Rahul’s mother. “Don’t forget your umbrella. And wear your jacket, it is cold out there.
  • “But mom,” said Jerry. “I don’t want to wear it. I will be fine without it. Besides, it is not that cold today.”
  • Rahul ________opened the door. The wind was blowing and ________ a whistling sound. Leaves ________ to the ground because of the wind. He ________a little and stood behind the door.
  • “Rahul!” shouted Rahul’s mom. “You ________ that door and get your coat young man.”
  • “But mom!” said Jerry.
  • “But what?” said Jerry’s mom. “I don’t understand why you don’t want to wear your new coat. Is there something wrong with it?
  • Jerry’s face ________ red. “No!” he said. “Nothing’s wrong with it!” Then he ________ his mouth with his hand.
  • “Well then…” said Rahul’s mom. “Why don’t you want to wear it?”
  • “Well, mom,” said Jerry. “I kind of…well…________ it away.”
  • “You what?” said Jerry’s mom.
  • “Yeah. But don’t worry. It’s okay. I gave it to Marvin. And he really ________ it.”
  • “Why?”
  • “Every time I ________ him, he looks cold. He is always cold, actually. His parents cannot afford to buy him a jacket.”
  • “Well, that is a very nice thing for you to ________, dear. But now what are you going to do without a jacket?”
  • “I don’t know. Maybe I’ll wear my old jacket for a little while.”