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Their, There, They’re Worksheet

Grammar Worksheets | 5-8 yrs | Learning Pod

Their, There, They’re Worksheet – Learn the difference between They, Their and They’re and how we use them with our free to download grammar worksheet for kids.

How to use this Their, There, They’re Worksheet

1. Download the worksheet using the red download button at the top.

2. Take a print out of the worksheet using your printer.

3. Solve the worksheet using a pencil or a pen and ask your parents/teachers to check your answers.

PDF Transcript of Their, There, They’re Worksheet

Words words words! They all sound the same. Well some of them do. There, their and they’re sound very similar and it’s easy to get befuddled if someone doesn’t say it correctly. Understanding the right word is all about knowing its usage.


In the word their the ei is pronounced like in wear. It is a word used to show possession and is in the same group of words as my, your, his, her, its and our. is group is known as possessive adjectives.

A little trick to practice your knowledge of the word is to replace the word their with our.

Maya, please take Mr and Mrs Iyer to their bungalow.

Maya, please take Mr and Mrs Iyer to our bungalow.

This sounds correct.

Now if you were to replace it with there or they’re you’d get

Maya, please take Mr and Mrs Iyer to they’re bungalow.

Trust me when I say it sounds wrong with there as well.


This one is easy because it is what is known as a contraction, meaning two words that are made one with the help of an apostrophe. All you have to do is take the word and put it in its original form-they are

Mr and Mrs Iyer can be made into they. When they are doing something together you can say they’re:

They’re on the way to the bungalow.


The word there is similar to the word here. They both represent place whether specific or unspecific.

Mr and Mrs Iyer are on the way there (to the bungalow).

There is an alternate usage of the word where it is used to show that something exists.

There are many bungalows in Poona.

Imagine Mr. and Mrs. Iyer have arrived at their holiday destination in Vishakapatnam. The following is a conversation between the Manager of the hotel and one of his employees named Maya.

Manager: Maya, this is Mr and Mrs Iyer. They’re on the way to the bungalows.

Maya: How wonderful! Shall I take them there?

Manager: Yes. I will have their bags sent to the room.

Their There They’re Worksheet

Write the full form of they’re in the blanks and then circle whether its usage is correct or incorrect.

1. They’re (________)are many apples in the basket. (Correct/ Incorrect)

2. Where are your parents? They’re (________) out. (Correct/ Incorrect)

3. We had to borrow they’re (________) car in order to get to the store. (Correct / Incorrect)

4. They are on the way to they’re (________) bungalow. (Correct / Incorrect)

5. They’re (________) going to take a picnic basket and sit by the river. (Correct / Incorrect)

Put the correct words- they’re, there, or their in the space provided.

1. All the children in the classroom completed __________ homework.

2. When we went to South Africa, we stayed _________ for 10 days.

3. ________ is a goat eating our front lawn!

4. Arjun and Shankar are brothers. _________ waiting for _______ mother.

5. _________ sister is a doctor.

6. He likes to sit up _________ whenever it rains.

7. I have never met them before but I think ________ Italian.

8. Look at the smiles on ________ faces.

9. I liked visiting Udhagamandalam but I wouldn’t want to live _________.

10. Please help them order. They can’t make up ________ minds.


Write the full form of they’re in the blanks and then circle whether its usage is correct or incorrect.

1. Incorrect 2. correct 3. Incorrect 4. Incorrect 5. Correct

Put the correct words- they’re, there, or their in the space provided.

1. their 2. there 3. there 4. they’re, their 5. their 6. there 7. they’re 8. their 9. there 10. their

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