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The Infant’s Delight – 04

Primary Poems | 6-8 yrs | Reading Pod

Those who the southern Ocean cross,
Meet with the wide winged Albatross.

In northern snows, the Polar Bear,
Mid glittering icebergs makes his lair.

In rivers near the hot Equator,
Lives the huge, scaly Alligator.

In sheltered nooks, by river sides,
The strangely bearded Barbel hides.

Far up among the moutain peaks,
His food the lonely Condor seeks.

The Arabs through the desert wide,
On the swift Dromedary ride.

The Cobra has a deadly bite,
And yet in music takes delight.

In gentle rivers, still and clear,
We see the shining Dace appear.

The Emu in Australia’s found,
Where the wild bush spreads far around.

The Frog is oftenest to be seen
In grassy meadows, damp and green.

The antlered Elk comes prancing forth,
From the pine forests of the North.

The Flying Fish can swim with ease,
Or flut-ter o’er the tropic seas.

Where the wide wastes of ocean lie,
The greedy Gannet loves to fly.

The river horse among the reeds
Of Afric’s lonely river feeds.

Though venomous, as authors write,
The Geeko is not to bite.

Around our coasts the fishers meet
With Haddocks, which, when dried we eat.

The sacred Ibis, we are told,
The Egyptians much revered of old.

On hinder legs and tail so strong,
The slim Jerboa bounds along.

The Iguans’s flesh is sweet and good.
It haunts the river and the wood.

A row of prickles, long and keen,
On the John Dory’s back is seen.

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