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In My Nursery- Vol 18

Primary Poems | 6-8 yrs | Reading Pod


Blue-bell, bonny bell, ring for the wedding!
Gallant young Hyacinth marries the Rose.
Here we all wait for the wedding procession,
Standing up high on our tippy-toe-toes.
Blue-bell, bonny bell, ring for the wedding!
First the three ushers on grasshoppers ride,—
Coxcomb, Larkspur, and gallant Sweet William,
Handsome young dandies as ever I spied.
Here in a coach come the bride’s rich relations,—
Old Madam Damask and old Mr. Moss;
Greatly I fear they approve not the marriage,
Else they’d not look so uncommonly cross.
Here comes His Excellence Baron de Goldbug,
Leading the Dowager Duchess of Snail;
Feathers and fringe on the top of her bonnet,
Roses and rings on the end of her tail.
Blue-bell, bonny bell, ring for the wedding!
Here come the bridesmaids, by two and by two;
Gay little Primrose, fair little Snowdrop,
Peachblossom, Jasmine, and Eglantine too.
Last come the lovers, wrapped up in each other,
Thinking of love, and of little beside.
Blue-bell, bonny bell, ring for the wedding!
Health and long life to the beautiful bride!


As I swing, as I swing,
Here beneath my mother’s wing,
Here beneath my mother’s arm,
Never earthly thing can harm.
Up and down, to and fro,
With a steady sweep I go,
Like a swallow on the wing,
As I swing, as I swing.
As I swing, as I swing,
Honey-bee comes murmuring,
Humming softly in my ear,
“Come away with me, my dear!
In the tiger-lily’s cup
Sweetest honey we will sup.”
Go away, you velvet thing!
I must swing! I must swing!
As I swing, as I swing,
Butterfly comes fluttering,
“Little child, now come away
‘Mid the clover-blooms to play;
Clover-blooms are red and white,
Sky is blue, and sun is bright.
Why then thus, with folded wing,
Sit and swing, sit and swing?”
As I swing, as I swing,
Oriole comes hovering.
“See my nest in yonder tree!
Little child, come work with me.
Learn to make a perfect nest,
That of all things is the best.
Come! nor longer loitering
Sit and swing, sit and swing!”
As I swing, as I swing,
Though I have not any wing,
Still I would not change with you,
Happiest bird that ever flew.
Butterfly and honey-bee,
Sure ’tis you must envy me,
Safe beneath my mother’s wing
As I swing, as I swing.

Read more from the PDF above.

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  6. Painted Ladies 

You can read the eBook online or download it on your PC and read later using the big red button at the top.

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