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What is First Aid?

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Learning Pod

We might be careful enough to avoid the injuries, but that is the thing about accidents. Even though, the major cause of accidents is carelessness, accidents may occur anytime and anywhere even if it was your fault or not!

For example :- while running down the stairs, or crossing a busy road in a hurry, not following traffic rules and signals while driving or while working on machines or in the kitchen.

Certain injuries are serious or severe and need medical help alone. We are not able to do much, but whenever we see an injured person we can provide some immediate help to relieve the person from the pain and agony.


First aid is the assistance given to a person suffering a sudden illness or injury until full medical treatment is available.

8 Essentials you must have in your First Aid Box

  1. Different types of Adhesive Bandages
  2. Sealed packs of Ibuprofen or Antihistamine
  3. Scissors or Knife
  4. Athletic Tape and Sterile Gauze
  5. Safety Pins
  6. Antiseptic Ointments
  7. Insect Repellent
  8. Any prescription medications in a Labeled Bag

Injuries could be caused by fire, animal bites, poisoning and accidents.
The most important thing to remember while giving first aid to an injured person is,

  • Do not panic, always remain calm.
  • Do not crowd around the injured person.
  • Keep a first aid emergency preparedness kit ready and handy.

First Aid Training

Follow the subsequent section as a personal first aid training :

First Aid for Small Cuts and Wounds

  • We must wash the area with water
  • Wipe it with an antiseptic lotion or cream
  • Tie a bandage
  • Call an adult or doctor if it is very deep

First Aid for Burns

  • For minor burns, ice or cold water may be applied on the burnt area.
  • The area that has been burnt should be placed under running water for a while.
  • Never prick the blister caused by the burn.
  • If the burn is severe, a doctor must be consulted immediately.

First Aid for Animal Bites

  • Animal bites could be caused by pets such as dogs and cats or even by a snake.
  • In case of animal bites wash the area nicely with soap and water, apply antiseptic cream and cover it with a clean bandage. Take the victim to a doctor immediately for any vaccination that may be needed to avoid serious diseases like rabies.
  • In case of bites or stings of bees and wasps, a paste of baking soda and antiseptic cream must be applied.

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