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Who invented clothes and how did they make them?

Casa & Asa | 7-14 yrs | Video, Animation

When were clothes invented?

The first evidence of clothes has been found to be used 100,000 years ago.

History and development of clothing

Neanderthals used to tan animal skins to clothe themselves. They used to tan buckskin, fur and inner hides by painstakingly scrapping it off and soaking it in pulverized deer brains. They then wrung, stretched and hung it to dry and smoked it to make it waterproof.
But lack of stitching tools such as needles caused them to either drape the clothes or tie it, which was not always comfortable or convenient.
It was only 30,000 years ago that simple needles were created out of animal bone which helped the early humans to sew leather and fur garments.