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Why do feet smell?

General Knowledge | 10-14 yrs | Animation, Video

What is the cause of smelly feet?

The scientific name for stinky feet is bromodosis. Foot odour is caused by the build up of bacteria which multiply in sweaty areas. They inhabit sweaty, dark places, such as your feet that, have been in your socks all day long. Some socks do not effectively absorb your sweat and as a result your feet remain damp.These bacteria feast on the dead skin and sweat on your feet and produce a smelly organic acid or by-product. It is this acid, which causes stinky feet.

Why do only your feet smell?

The feet have more sweat glands as compared to the rest of the body, producing sweat to keep the feet moist and supple. Hence, more bacteria are attracted to your sweaty feet and as a result, create an unpleasant smell. Also, your feet spend their day trapped in your socks and shoes, creating the perfect environment for the bacteria to breed.

Is there a treatment for smelly feet?

There are several things you can do to reduce the build-up of sweat bacteria such as wear fresh cotton socks everyday to absorb sweat, wash your feet regularly and make sure your shoes aren’t too tight.