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Add enough salt to your diet!
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Add enough salt to your diet!

Quack a Tip | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Sodium helps to maintain fluid and acid- base balance of our body. We get sodium from common salt. So you must add salt to your diet. You may think “What would happen, if you do not intake salt or sodium chloride?” Deficiency of salt in your diet would give rise to many health problems. It may cause cramps of muscles, tiredness or sickness and headache. If your father do rigorous exercises or work in hot places like furnaces and mines, lose salt from the body in perspiration and urine. Ask him to intake extra salt. In summer, profuse perspiration takes place. Therefore, you should also intake adequate amount of salt, after returning to home from play grounds. However, it should be noted that, people suffering from kidney and heart malfunction should maintain restriction.

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