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Brrr….It’s Cold Out..Winter Chills
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Brrr….It’s Cold Out..Winter Chills

Quack a Tip | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Brrr… It’s so cold outside! Winters are here, time for some hot chocolate… but do we stop playing outside during winters? No, but we can certainly take few precautions and prevent falling sick!

Always dress yourself in layers of warm clothing. This will keep the heat intact and if you feel warm you can remove one or two layers.
Do not drink cold water but warm water and warm beverages.

Apply sunscreen, even if it is cloudy outside.

Make sure you wear a woollen cap or hat because most of the body’s heat is lost through the head Wear warm, waterproof boots or shoes which have enough room to wiggle your toes around.

So go out and enjoy the winters, but stay indoors if it is snowing, raining or