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Aesop In Rhyme-06

Primary Poems | 6-8 yrs | Reading Pod


Phebus and Boreas from on high
Upon the road a traveller spy,
Wearing a cloak for fear of rain.
Says Boreas, “his precaution’s vain
‘Gainst me, I’ll show you for a joke
How soon I’ll make him quit his cloak.”
“Come on,” says Phebus, “let us see
Who best succeeds, or you or me.”
The wind to blow so fierce began,
He almost had upset his man;
[138]But still his cloak, for all his roar,
Was wrapp’d more closely than before.
When Boreas what he could had done,
“Now for my trial,” says the Sun,
And with his beams so warm’d the air,
The man his mantle could not bear,
But open’d first, then threw aside.

Learn hence, unbending sons of pride
Persuasive manners will prevail,
When menaces and bluster fail.


Forc’d on a stream to make their way,
To pot of brass says pot of clay:
“Since brass is stout and clay is frail,
Pray let us at a distance sail.
Not your intention that I fear
Sir Brass,” adds humble Earthenware,
“While the winds leave you to yourself;
But woe betide my ribs of delf,
[140]If it should dash our sides together;
For mine would be the damage, whether
Their force should you or I impel;
To pray proceed, and fare you well.”

Learn hence, ye folks of low estate,
To keep due distance from the great.

Read more from the PDF above.

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You can read the eBook online or download it on your PC and read later using the big red button at the top.

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  1. I am an actor and facilitator of drama workshops for children ages six to twelve and I am looking for material to use in my classes, one being recitals of poems for my 6 to 7 year old class.