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In My Nursery- Vol 21

Primary Poems | 6-8 yrs | Reading Pod


His father was a whale,
With a feather in his tail,
Who lived in the Greenland sea;
And his mother was a shark,
Who kept very dark
In the Gulf of Caribbee.
His uncles were a skate,
And a little whitebait,
And a flounder, and a chub beside;
And a lovely pickerèl,
Both a beauty and a belle,
Had promised for to be his bride.
You may think these things are strange,
And they are a little change
From the ordinary run, ’tis true;
But the queerest thing (to me)
Of all appeared to be,
That he was a kangaroo!


The little flowers came through the ground,
At Easter-time, at Easter-time;
They raised their heads and looked around,
At happy Easter-time.
And every pretty bud did say,
“Good people, bless this holy day;
For Christ is risen, the angels say,
This happy Easter-time.”
The scarlet lily raised its cup,
At Easter-time, at Easter-time;
The crocus to the sky looked up,
At happy Easter-time.
“We hear the song of heaven!” they say;
“Its glory shines on us to-day,
Oh! may it shine on us alway,
At happy Easter-time.”
‘Twas long and long and long ago,
That Easter-time, that Easter-time;
But still the scarlet lilies blow
At happy Easter-time.
And still each little flower doth say,
“Good Christians, bless this holy day;
For Christ is risen, the angels say,
At blessed Easter-time.”


Give flowers to all the children,
This blessed Easter Day,—
Fair crocuses and snowdrops,
And tulips brave and gay;
Bright nodding daffodillies,
And purple iris tall,
And sprays of silver lilies,
The loveliest of all.
And tell them, tell the children,
How in the dark, cold earth,
The flowers have been waiting
Till spring should give them birth.
All winter long they waited,
Till the south wind’s soft breath
Bade them rise up in beauty,
And bid farewell to death.
Then tell the little children
How Christ our Saviour, too,
The flower of all eternity,
Once death and darkness knew.
How, like these blossoms, silent,
Within the tomb he lay;
Then rose in light and glory,
To live in heaven alway.
So take the flowers, children,
And be ye pure as they;
And sing of Christ our Saviour,
This blessed Easter Day.

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