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An office desk is dirtier than a toilet seat!
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An office desk is dirtier than a toilet seat!

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Bacteria are found in office space too!

Thousands and thousands of germs reside on an office desk, rather than on the toilet seat. It is becoming easier to catch the flu or an infection from being at your office desk. A typical office worker’s hands come in contact with 10 million bacteria per day, say researchers. And do you know what is the item on your desk that contains the most germs? It is the phone. A normal phone call would have 25,000 germ microbes listening to your conversation. The Keyboard and computer mouse come next in line.

How dirty is an office desk?

The areas on a desk where one’s hand rest contain about 10,000 germs.

Clean up the office desk!

But one can keep oneself safe by cleaning their desk often, washing hands, using one’s own phone instead of someone else’s and by not eating food at one’s workspace.