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No Man on the Moon since 41 Years!
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No Man on the Moon since 41 Years!

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Why is it so hard to go back?

It’s been 40 years since man has been on the moon! One wonders why? Are the moon landing conspiracy theories real? Or is it because we’ve shifted focus to new interesting locations, like Mars, maybe? After the Martian released, the moon looks even lonelier.

So why haven’t we gone back to our dearest satellite?

Says NASA, “This is much more than flags and footsteps, we’re going for a sustained human presence in space.”

Rather than visit the moon for hours or days at most, Constellation astronauts will embark on missions that could last months. Which means they’ll need more tools and technology, and lots more money to make it happen!
They’re developing rockets for this purpose.

Hang in there moony, we’re coming to you soon!

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