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Photo ID Cards for Cows!
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Photo ID Cards for Cows!

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Ever heard of Photo ID cards being issued for cows?!

As you all know the cow is a holy animal in the country of India. For this reason it is worshiped and holds a very important position on roads of our country. But according to the news from West Bengal there have been increased numbers of illegal taking of these lovely and delicate animals.

Reports from local sources tell us that at least 20,000 to 30,000 cows have been taken off the streets and from farm by traffickers without the knowledge of the owners or the government.

So with the help of the BSF (Border Security Force), the villagers/ farmers have accepted the Photo ID idea which was put forth by the Authorities. The ID’s contain Name of the Owner, Color, Height, Gender, Horns and other details related to the cow.