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Bharat Chettri

Sports | 9-14 yrs | Interactive, Learning Pod

Bharat Chettri Profile and Biography

Bharat Chettri (1982 – ) is the goalkeeper of the Indian national hockey team. He comes from a family of 5 boys, not including his father, and has excelled in hockey from an early age. Bharat was an army brat that attended the Danapur Army School before joining the Sports Authority of India’s centre in Bangalore.

By the time Chettri made his debut in a senior cup he had already been named best goalkeeper in the 1997 junior nationals and had competed in the Junior Asia Cup 2000. Bharat is known as the comeback king in hockey after multiple coaches have taken him on and stopped coaching him. He has never lost faith even after being dropped from the national team in 2004, 2007 and 2009.

Staying at the top isn’t the easiest thing as we can see from Bharat Chettri’s case. His sheer determination to excel got him a call to attend the training camp for the national team in 2010 and has landed him a spot on the Indian hockey team at the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

Bhrart Chettri’s Events

  • Men’s field hockey team (goalkeeper)
  • A goalie in hockey has to be really well padded in order to protect him from the dangerous ball. Can you find out how much all this gear weighs?

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