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FIFA World Cup Fun Facts

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The most watched event in the world comes around every four years. It is held by Federation Internationale de Football Association or FIFA. Only 8 countries have won the World Cup so far.

FIFA World Cup Qualification – How It Works

32 teams take part in the World Cup. The host automatically gets entry to the World Cup. 31 other teams have to battle it out in qualifying matches three years before the event. There are eight groups of four teams each in the World Cup.

Each group’s top two teams goes through to the second round. Teams reduce in this manner in successive rounds until the final. The Golden Ball is awarded to the most valuable player in the final. The top scorer in the final gets the Golden Boot.

The next World Cup will happen in 2018, in Russia and the one after than in Qatar.

Brazil and FIFA World Cup

Brazil has won it the maximum number of times- 5. However, they are the only ones to have never won it when they have hosted the tournament. They are the only country to have appeared in every edition of FIFA, from 1930 to 2014.

2014 was the first time goal line technology was used. The mascot Fuleco, was an endangered Brazilian three banded armadillo. The official ball Brazuca meant Brazilian pride in their way of life.

Brazilians stop working when their team is playing a match. Banks shut 3 hours before the match.

Interesting Facts about FIFA World Cup

  • In 1986, FIFA banned shirt swapping because they did not want players being barechested on the field.
  • India qualified for the 1950 World Cup but withdrew when they realised that playing barefoot was against the rules.

Who are the only two persons to have played both World Cup football and World Cup cricket?
Sir Viv Richards and Elyssse Perry. Sir Viv Richards played for Antigua in the 1974 Wolrd Cup qualifying matches.

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