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Venus Williams

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Venus Williams Profile and Biography

Venus Ebony Star Williams (June 17, 1980 – ) is a tennis world champion and the first African American Woman to be ranked World No.1. She has received 9 Grand slam titles winning in all 5 venues at least once. The most she has won at any one place is at Wimbledon (5 times). In addition to this, Venus has won 1 Olympic gold medal in the women’s singles and 2 in the women’s doubles events. This has put her on multiple ‘all-time’ lists and makes her an Olympic hopeful once again at the London 2012 Olympics.

Venus Williams was born in Lynwood, California to Richard Williams and Oracene Price. She is the 4th of 5 daughters born to Oracene and her younger sister Serena is also a world champion. When the sisters moved from Lynwood to West palm Beach in order to continue their tennis training at the Rick Macci Tennis Academy, the coach saw the talent in both sisters and nurtured their game. However due to disagreements with the girls’ father, he stopped coaching them. Venus’ father took over all the coaching from then on.

Venus has a legacy outside of tennis as well. Following the footsteps of former professional tennis star Billie Jean King, Venus is a big proponent of equal prize money for men and women. Before 2007 Wimbledon and The French Open awarded women athletes less prize money than their male equivalents. It was only after Venus Williams published a letter to the times arguing why women and men should be awarded the same amount of prize money, Wimbledon and The French open finally gave way in 2007. It was Venus herself who took the prize home that year- the same amount as her male equal Roger Federer.


The efforts Billie Jean King were largely left unnoticed after Venus succeeded in getting Wimbledon and The French Open to treat men and women equally. Can you find out more about this 16-time Grand Slam champion?

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