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Akbar Birbal: Birbal The Child

Akbar Birbal Stories | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Akbar came to the court to attend a function and Birbal was not present.
Akbar asked, “where is Birbal?”
“He has not come yet, Huzoor.” said a courtier.
“Not yet?” said Akbar.

After few minutes Birbal arrived at the court and apologized for being late.
“I am extremely sorry, Huzoor” “My child was crying” “I had to placate him” he explained.
Akbar felt very disappointed. He said “Birbal! You do not know how to manage a child!” “Let me show you how to do it”.

He further said “Today I would act as your father and you become my child.” “You ask me for whatever your child have asked to you”.
Birbal replied “I want a Cow”
“Cow? Okay” “Bring a cow for him” ordered Akbar. A cow was brought to the court.
Birbal imitated the voice of his child and said “I want its milk”.
The cow was milked by the servants. Birbal drank little of it and handed the bowl with rest of the milk to Akbar.
Then he said “now put the milk back to the cow”.
“What are you saying Birbal?” asked Akbar.
Birbal said repeatedly “put the milk back to the cow please!……Please!”
Akbar could not found any answer and left the place quietly.

Moral: One must experience the real situation before blaming others.

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