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Can you trust your ears?
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Can you trust your ears?

Answer me | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Should you believe everything you hear?

Your eyes can make you hear different words. You hear someone talk and you understand them. Right? But your eyes can meddle with what you hear. If you see a person saying ‘Bah Bah’ you hear him saying the ‘B’. Next you see the same person saying ‘Fah Fah’ and you hear the ‘F’. In reality the person was actually saying ‘Bah Bah’ but you saw the lip movement as ‘Fah’. Your eyes intervened and made your brain think what it saw.

In one experiment by scientists a listener was made to hear some meaningless gibberish. Next he was made to hear the correct sentence; previously heard as gibberish. The third time he was again made to hear gibberish but he was able to understand the meaning now. Human brain recalls prior information. What the ears heard at first had no meaning but the second time the ears heard and the brain made it meaningful. Thus, the third time it was easy.