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Why can’t you tickle yourself?
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Why can’t you tickle yourself?

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The Science of Tickling

When you’re tickled, you laugh, which is indeed a joyful and refreshing feeling. But why it fails to happen when we touch our self?

Touch is an extremely sensitive feeling. When you’re touched, the nerve beneath your skin passes an amusing current to your brain which tells us to laugh. Such sweet tickle attacks takes place only in the sensitive portions of our body such as stomach, portion near the throat and under our feet.

Basically, when we tickle ourselves, the cerebellum sitting at the back of the brain tells you that you are about to self-tickle and so the it doesn’t waste up precious time interpreting the signals from the tickle.

Gorillas and rats do laugh when they are tickled. Tickle gorillas at your own risk and it is futile to hear the rats laugh because it is too low than the humans hearing audio range.